Suprabeam & The Great Outdoors

Our lights help outdoor people all over the world pitch their tent, cook their food, and navigate in the dark. Suprabeam has a wide range of flashlights, headlamps, and multilamps that applies to many different outdoor activities. Two favourites of the outdoor community is the Q3r flashlight and M6xr multilamp.

Suprabeam Q3r
Q3r is compact, bright, and waterproof which makes it the perfect outdoor flashlight. With 1100 lumen you will never find yourself wishing you had more light. Furthermore it fits with a bunch of accessories like the diffuser bulb, which transform it into a cozy lightbulb.

Suprabeam M6xr
Flashlight, headlamp, and area light in one. The M6xr does it all and is extremely bright – what more could any outdoor enthusiast want? While being one of the more recent lights to be introduced to the Suprabeam range, it is however already one of the outdoor favourites.



Tag along on an adventure

Social media is a great way to get inspired to new outdoor adventures, see what gear other people are using, and learn new tips and tricks. Whether you are into hiking, hunting, or wild camping you can definitely find inspiring people who share their adventures.

We have picked three Suprabeam using outdoorsmen who share their adventures on Instagram!

Claus / @claus.h.andersen (left)
Hunting, photographing, and general outdoor living is what Claus is all about! Most of the time you will find Claus with a rifle or a fishing rod in his hand, or cooking delicious food over the campfire.

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Peter / @winther_outdoors (center)
Peter is an active outdoorsman and you will see all sorts of different outdoor activities on his profile, from packrafting down the river in the summer, to hot tent trips in the winter.

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Henrik / @lindgaard.outdoor (right)
As an avid outdoorsman Henrik camp in the woods all year round, and especially enjoys hammock trips. He prefers coffee, and bacon cooked on a campfire in the morning.

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