M6xr upgrade


The M6xr multilamp has been a customer favourite since the release two years ago, and based on the feedback from users all around the world we are now introducing a couple of new and very cool features.


If you ever find yourself in a situation away from a power source, you will love this new feature. With this upgrade the M6xr now works with both the included rechargeable battery AND 2 x CR123 disposable batteries.

-40° Celsius operation

In order to adapt to the coldest regions of the world, the upgraded M6xr now operates all the way down to -40° Celsius with CR123 batteries.

HTSP – High Temperature Safety Protection

M6xr is a powerful light, and needs to be handled as such. If the light accidentally turns on in a pocket or bag, the heat build-up from the covered lens can damage both the light and the material blocking the light. M6xr already features a transportation lock, but as an additional safety measure we have added the HTSP. If the light accidentally turns on while the lens is covered the HTSP will activate the transport lock to prevent any accidents. Be aware that the HTSP only works on reflective/light colored surfaces.